planning before and inside of pandemic

as covid has persisted, i’m realizing that the pandemic has changed my planning processes. well, at least when i’m conscious and aware, i do things differently than before. and maybe this is a lesson i should have known all along, but here we are!

photos of two post-its

in regular times, what i would do is put a bunch of work into one plan and then holding the plan lightly as the world marched on.

in pandemic times, i am generally making at least two plans, each with less effort, and still holding them lightly as the world marches on.

i’ve realized that it’s just so much extra work to adjust one big plan rather than make shifts within/between two. sometimes i can even mix and match from the different plans!

overall, though, i think the stance shift is what’s most helpful: do the planning but remember to let it go. and it’s easier to let plan 1 go if i already know plan 2 exists.


ps - thanks to seth for inviting me on the hike where this insight surfaced. i’m also writing down here for my own memory that it’s from seth that i learned the “hike solo for the last chunk of any hike with people so that we all get the benefits of group conversation in nature and walking alone in nature” practice. all you have to do is make sure the trail is clear/obvious enough to not need each other to navigate and then let one person get far enough ahead that both people feel like they’re hiking alone. reconvene at the trailhead. so good.

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