what are the possibilities as our systems crumble and emerge?

some ideas anchored in my radical imagination as i watch our broadest american systems (education, healthcare, food, transporation) crumble.

what if…

we created neighborhood schools anchored with the purpose of ending forced segregation within a generation?

adults all had four day work weeks and were responsible for taking the neighborhood gaggle of kids for 4-hour shifts? we could teach them things we know for one 4-hour shift per week and not have to disrupt our entire lives to get to shape the future?

we ripped up all the grass in these yards and let them rewild while also cultivating edible and medicinal plants in them?

we continued to go shopping for each other like we did when pandemic first broke out and people were scared/worried about going to the store too much? and then we formed hyperlocal (like, in your building/block) purchasing cooperatives?

we created block/neighborhood meditation and facilitation teams so that we very rarely needed to call people outside our block to help us solve problems?

people on our block cooked for each other every week so that, in the week where a few people are sick, it is super simple for everyone else to make a little extra and feed the sick folks?

we had weekly neighborhood storytelling nights where the radical organizations doing frontline support work could keep us up to date on what they’re doing and raise whatever funds they needed on the spot?

you know, just dreamin…

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