book review: the inward journey

The Inward Journey by Howard Thurman

The Inward Journey by Howard Thurman

What are the main ideas?

i struggle to grab thurman’s “main ideas” because the book feels like it transcends the idea of main ideas. he says himself in the foreword “there are not many windows in these meditations; they are as the title indicates, in Inward Journey…”

each 1-2 page essay is a short reflection on a thought or two that helped him explore go deep into himself, which is into relationship with the Divine. the chapters of the book each feel like a particular lane into the self. each is framed as a quest, which speaks to thurman’s understanding of the work required to go inside oneself…

If I implemented one idea from this book right now, which one would it be?

remember that in each and every moment is a possibility to commune with the Divine. find it.

How would I describe the book to a friend?

a beautiful (sometimes bewildering) series of essays designed to help us remember how much access we have to Divinity if we could only remember how to look.

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