defining enough

yesterday, spencer and i had a good chat and the topic of enough came up. it’s definitely been in the air and my friend, caroline and i are about to start recording a podcast series about it very soon. and then casper tweeted a quote about abundance this morning that i just saw and it was excellent.

Accumulation is not the same as abundance. — Jennifer Armbrust

so in my ongoing practice of defining terms for myself (as i think we all should in these times where many of us are being socially, nationally, and globally gaslit), i wanted to write up my definition of enough.

enough: the amount (of something) beyond which no more is needed.

as spencer and i dove in our typical philosophical discussion, of course, the next word that came up was need. how do i define need?

need: things that are required for life to sustain

of course, it is possible to continue diving in the philosophical domain (what is life? what does it mean for life to sustain?). and maybe i’ll do that someday when i have more time and space. but in this moment, it feels important to just get these two definitions down.

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