my abolitionist dreams


guided by the wisdom of our elders and ancestors.

care. full.

aware of the meaning of enough. enough food, enough resource, enough touch, enough freedom.

Spirit led. which sometimes means existing beyond words.

following energy.

settled in ourselves. related and relating to each other.

we find inside hurt to heal outside harm. we hear, see, tend.

we do not heal each other; we hold space for healing.

we do not hold people accountable; we hold space for people to take their own accountability (and only when they are ready).

we throw no body away. no mind. no heart. no soul.

and we protect the vulnerable. distance is not abandonment. boundaries are not a fortress.

and make amends. we listen. we know our neighbors. our teachers are beings of many kinds.

the rivers know our songs. the wind knows our breath. the fire knows our hearts. the land holds our bodies.

economy means management of home. eco = home. nomy = management. our economies manage our homes, our home, our Earth, our nature. at home, manage means love.

s/o to qtpoc accountability circle i’m a part of. so grateful.