self-mastery: erotic type - sexual

adding my erotic type to my self-mastery archive. i learned about this test from andrea nagel!


Congratulations lawrence, your primary £rotic Blueprint™ is:


As a S£xual Type™: You tend to have quick access to turn on

You love the body and all the pleasurable things it can do! You bring physical pleasure and the s£xy to s£x

You love s£x! It helps you to relax, to feel alive and feel loved When under resourced you may be frustrated or even bored by a partner’s desire for long sessions of foreplay or wanting to try things that seem complex. “Why do we have to do all that stuff? Let’s just get to it,” you may think.

Do you relate to this?

S£xual Types are turned on by simplicity, nudity, and straightforwardness.

Sexual Blueprint (Some of what I’d usually write here won’t make it through spam filters, so just know I’ve PG’d it down a bit).

When you want s£x, you’re ready for it.

Having s£x helps you to conquer the world!

If you and your partner don’t org@sm when having s£x, you might feel like something’s wrong and you’re left frustrated. (I’m a S£xual myself and I need my org@sms!!!)

And there’s a chance your lover may be craving some variety.

Did you know each £rotic Blueprint Type has a positive and a shadow side?

Positive Aspects of the S£xual:

Shadow Aspects:

You’re fed by:

S£xuals tend to be the cultural norm for men. However, many men wear the s£xual as a mask and may actually be a different Blueprint Type.

And surprise, many women are also S£xuals and they can get wrongly judged or shamed for being this Blueprint.

I have a lot to share with you.

I’ll also help you understand your partner’s (or future partner’s) Blueprint, so you’ve got confidence that you can inspire them to ecstatic org@smic states!

Prepare to come on a journey of £rotic exploration, and open to pleasures you didn’t even know were possible.

Fill your life with pleasure,

Jaiya, Ian and Team Pleasure

p.s. Your S£xual Type is amazing when resourced, but sometimes if we’re partnered with other types (my partner is a Sensual and I’m a S£xual), it can be hard for us to understand them.

We S£xuals need to expand our s£xual vocabulary to increase satisfaction all around!!!