alternative futures: the decree

preface: this is writing from within the unleashing alternative futures writing collective that has continued on our world-building journey after the wilds beyond climate justice conference.

prompt: On Nov 2, 2020, a global agreement was signed to end long-distance travel on Feb 2, 2021. Imagine you (or another character) wakes up on March 2 and reads the morning paper that includes the three headlines you chose from the list our group generated. What happens for the rest of your (or your character’s) day?

Chosen headlines

13th day of pisces

(tuesday, 2 march 2021)

every single day i am astounded by the brilliance of intuition.

over the past four mouth, the centerhold team has been shockingly on target with our decisions. and today i am feeling grateful for all the ways my pathway has led me and us to this place. is this the world i/we wanted? hell no. is it the one we have learned to thrive in? it sure as hell seems like it.

since the decree on 2 nov 2020, we have been moving both faster and slower than any of us understood was possible. rai, natch, and i had (thankfully) been deep in our spiritual practices for years. when long-distance travel ended, we knew it was time.

starting on 3 nov 2020, we each sprang into deep contemplation. and we didn’t realize we each were doing that until the first council meeting of 2020 (17 nov). as we checked in, we saw how our contemplation was aligning us so that we could make quick decisions. thank Spirit for that.

as we started to meet and sit and talk and plan, we surfaced that intuiting our way forward was the only option. there was too much information to gather it all (VUCA). there were too many decisions to make to talk to everyone needed to make it all feel “safe.” we were beyond safety and it was what it was.

as i read this morning’s paper, i have seen, yet again, that our intuitions have led us down the path towards Life, towards futures of abundance. our decisions to join the regional seed swap, build out the spiritual formation project as a part of our new retreat center’s first offering, and purchase all we needed from within the watershed were paying off. and each of them we’d made intuitively when they seemed nuts…

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