nadav's calendar / time audit tool

so last week, my friend, nadav, and i were talking about our annual reflection processes as we were gearing up to work on a project together. i knew i needed some support on figuring out what to take off my plate so i could meaningfully commit to work. i asked him to talk with me for a chunk of time to help me get clear about what i could take off. in the process, he shared with me a tool he made for himself and i thought:

first of all, i need to use this, immediately (i then made a copy of it!) and also, i bet other people (at least one person) would find this useful.

in some ways, it’s a simple spreadsheet, meant to track what he’s committed to and at what frequencies. but in other ways, it’s a tool that supports strategic thinking about how he’s using his time, where and how he’s investing his energy, and whether or not he’s moving towards his visions of the world he wants for himself and his community. this is probably most useful for folks who find themselves tending towards the ‘overcommitted/overworked’ end of the spectrum, but i could imagine it being useful for folks who are undercommitted (or committed in areas they don’t want to be) and using it to shift those commitments over time. anyway, here is a 15m audio clip of us discussing the tool and a link to copy the tool itself. nadav can be contacted at if you have questions about how to use the tool or want to get connected to local solidarity economies, abolitionist organizing and/or lefty Jewish (and Jews of Color) communities.

make a copy of the spreadsheet for yourself

Lawrence Barriner, II · Lawrence + Nadav Discuss Nadav's Calendar/Time Audit Spreadsheet Tool

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