what's next?

so first of all, thank you for being curious about what’s next for me! after the fifth person asked, i realized i wanted a better, more detailed way to share with folks what’s up.

as always, i am committed to resisting perfectionism so here’s a messy, relatively quick summary of what’s going on with me right now and what’s coming up for the rest of the year.

first things first, i am leaving my staff position as network engagement manager at the center for story-based strategy. i have truly loved that work and i am excited for it to continue with a new person who can bring their vision, strategy, and energy to it.

i also just want to name that sometimes you leave a place because things aren’t working for you. that’s not me in this situation. if anything, i feel like css is in its come up. the vision is powerful, the different lanes of work are developing really well, and i think the org is positioned in the next 5 years to do really important work.

i am leaving because i really want to be more locally/regionally rooted and i have some visions of how my work life will be set up that would be pretty hard to do in any existing organization.

so what’s next? well, things are still shaping up so i’m not going to dive too much into the details but i’ll give some broad strokes. in my mind, what’s next fits into four buckets (and in no particular priority or order)

  1. starting a retreat center (imagine: the highlander of new england)
  2. a healing collective with my friends eroc and luana
  3. a consulting partnership with my friend and active collaborator, maureen
  4. building the league of revolutionary uncles

what’s more interesting i think are the ways i want to go about this. my vision for my work life, probably in the 3-5 year timeline looks like this:

ok. that’s all i’ve got for right now. hope that’s juicy enough for ya.

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