unleashing alternative futures: language of the future - triquetra

this is an creation from the latest unleashing alternative futures writer’s circle. the activity, language of the future, was to take a created word and write a story using it. my word was ‘triquetra’ which is from the book butterfly’s children in the thalassan trilolgy. a triquetra is a three way mandala for the restoring of multiple paradoxes/conflicts. this was originally written on 21 feb 2021.

she just couldn’t seem to get it right. every time she brought her finger to the sand, she could only eek out trigrams. never circles. it felt like her life. the labels never fit. the checkmarks never felt right.

today’s was particularly beautiful, though. nested triangles with brilliant flourishes and sparks flying off every which way. some deeper, some shallow. funnily enough, she could draw perfect circles at the points of each triangle, but a circle could never be the base. why, she wondered, couldn’t she simply do as told?

the sand behind her bum shifted. turning around, she noticed nothing. strange, she thought. turning back, she saw Her.

“my beloved child. did you know there is nothing wrong with you?”

a woman with the most fantastic curly afro and golden irises looked her directly in the eyes. she was transfixed.

“your triquetras are the Universe returning to its proper complexity. some have called us the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but whether you know that name for us or not, thank you for bringing us home. your portal has made it possible.”

ps - after bringing this story in this blog post, i learned that triquetra is an actual word describing a 7th century symbol.

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