sitting down to pee

for the past couple of years, i’ve been sitting down to pee. i just found last week on (chosen) family vacay that by dear friend, ben g., has started doing it, too!

i started doing it for one main reason: it really confused/bothered me that there seems to always be a line for the women’s rest room and rarely the men’s.

my understanding of this pattern is because men’s restrooms have urinals and as well as stalls while women’s restrooms only have stalls. this means men’s rooms can have high throughput because you can have a couple urinals in the space of one stall which allows more folks to use the space simultaneously. ex: if the men’s and women’s rooms are the same size, the men’s room might have 2 urinals and 1 stall while the women’s room would have 2 stalls. but like… who decided the bathrooms needed to be the same size? why didn’t women’s rooms just get more space so they could also have three people in them?

anyways, when ben and i talked about this last week, we started talking about the benefits of sitting to be pee so i’ll share a bunch of those as the last part of this post:

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