fall 2021 full moon circles for queer men

“Challenge yourself to be a healer and activist for justice. Don’t feel you have to choose one or the other. Be both. See activism as a form of social healing and interpersonal healing as a form of social justice. Transform and heal yourself as you transform and heal the world.”

— Fania Davis, The Little Book of Race and Restorative Justice: Black Lives, Healing, and US Social Transformation

who: any queer person socialized as a boy**. circle is anchored by me (lawrence barriner ii). there may be other co-facilitators as desired/needed. logistics are held by jordan mudd.

what: a series of healing-oriented gatherings where we will explore ways to connect with the emotional, physical, and spiritual parts of ourselves and each other. in circle, we will use practices like dialogue, meditation, movement, writing, and somatic exercises. the topic for the three fall circles is “boundaries.”

when: the circle meets seasonally, generally for three meetings in the spring, and three in the fall. the upcoming fall series will meet on the full moon on the following days, from 6 - 9pm (including dinner time):

where: tentatively at a backyard in dorchester. address will be provided upon RSVP. if covid intensifies or weather makes outdoor gathering not possible, we will gather online.

why: to support healing and growth on the journey of unlearning toxic masculinity.

food: dinner for the october circle will be provided. dinner for the nov and december circles will be determined by the group (takeout or potluck).

attendance: due to the depth of the work and desire to build strong bonds, attendance is required at two of the three circles for each season. RSVPing is required. to do so, please email lawrence.barriner.ii@gmail.com and jordanmudd54@gmail.com, and confirm:

Imgur feb 2019 circle altar, photo by eroc arroyo-montano

** the intention of these circles is to support people conditioned by patriarchy into the oppressor role. in reality, all gender and even sex boundaries are constructed, maleable, dynamic over time, and may or may not actually be useful. that said, this space is designed to support the unlearning of a particular set of people who tend to not have spaces to do this work. if you are unsure about whether or not this space will support your own growth and (un)learning, feel free to reach out and ask one or both of us.


these circles are inspired by the moon circles held by samantha tan and luana morales.