why i might call you to set up our next meeting

i have attuned to the tyranny of doodle (and its equivalents) for a few years now. asynchronous scheduling officially drives me up the walls. of course, in some contexts, it’s necessary (most notably when there are many schedules to accommodate). but, just like how video calls have become a default in many places where they need not be, sending a doodle has become automatic.

at some point in the last couple of years, i started just picking up the phone to schedule with people. and at this point, i have strongly come to prefer a 5-minute phone call (even if it takes a while of playing phone tag to land) over asynchronous scheduling whenever possible.

what’s nice about it is that i get to briefly connect with the person i’m trying to plan with, i don’t have to send (and hold on my calendar) options, and there’s less room for something else to pop up that conflicts with an existing hold.

it works especially well when it’s just a 1on1 meeting. it also works when it’s a 3 person meeting. i call one person to find slots that work and then i call or email the slots to the third.

anyway, i just came here to share this lil thought and then get on with my day. ciao!

ps - some of the intensity of the issues i face with asynchronous scheduling are due to the rigor and specificity with which i handle my time. but i remember the first time i heard someone remark on how we have global institutions for managing money but most of us have very little grasp or awareness on how we’ve spent our last year. which is wild because you can always get more money but you can never get more time. and since then (and before), i have put tons of energy into how i spend my time. that makes me different than most folks and i don’t particularly mind).

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