webs on webs

yesterday morning i was heading into breakfast on knoll farm and i saw these spider webs.

i was struck by their beauty and so i stayed and looked closer. that’s when i noticed two things:

  1. many of them appeared abandoned.
  2. some smaller spiders had built their webs using other webs as anchors.

i have had many lessons brought to me by the knoll farm spiders. i won’t get into all of them here (and one of the stories is luana’s to tell) but suffice it to say that there is lots of healing going on with them here.

so today brought another one.

what would it be like to build projects/infrastructure/systems so strong that other projects can be built on top of them?

i know this isn’t a new idea and people have written lots of one particular manifestation of this (ex: platform revolution). but seeing this organic version has really got me thinking differently about it.

anyway, just sharing a few thoughts. lmk if they spark anything for you!

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