Career Profile

Lawrence is a facilitator, coach, narrative strategist, connector, and systems thinker. Over the course of his professional career, he has honed his communications, facilitation, and design skills and is continually exploring how to use them to continously shape a more socially and environmentally just world. You can find the vision and values that shape his life and world in his vision statement. He also runs a coaching practice, writes often, runs a weekly(ish) newsletter, and knits.

Work Experience

Consultant, Owner

June 2021 - Present
lqb2 & co, Cambridge, MA

Offer facilitation, coaching, training, and consulting for (mostly) environmental nonprofits.

Develop strategy for and engage with members of CSS's close and extended networks of organizers, activists, and change-makers.

Program Director, Community Media

June 2017 - Sept 2018

Develop a program plan and coordinate with other Program Directors to integrate all plans with CoLab's strategic intent. Leverage media and media platforms to advance economic democracy and self-determination. Build experiments to explore methods for establishing community-focused learning tools. Create workshops, courses, and fellowship opportunities for students and members of communities that the lab serves.

Selected Projects: The (Speculative) Futures of Libraries and Archives, The Collaborative Sci-Fi Generator, Alternative Futures Collective & Workshops, The Collective Courage Online Book Club.

Executive Editor, CoLab Radio

Nov 2016 — Sept 2018

Write, source, edit, and curate content for CoLab's award-winning blog. Support contributors from around the world to produce and publish multimedia content.

Interim Program Director

Nov 2016 — June 2017

Work with individuals, collectives and organizations, within and outside of MIT, to produce media for CoLab Radio that documents local stories speaking to the history, challenges and hopes of a particular place and that corresponds with key CoLab themes of social justice and marginality.

Communications Manager

March 2016 — August 2016

Evolved internal communications systems through the introduction of Slack, developing IISC's voice through smart and entertaining social media curation, increasing understanding about audience perception through data collection, increasing in leadership as a graphic designer and communications strategist, managing the production of an organization style guide with Nimblebot, supervising of a graphic design fellow, and ongoing work directly with units to build an inspired suite of visuals.

Selected Projects: 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge.

Communications Specialist

March 2015 — March 2016
Interaction Institute for Social Change, Boston

Internal and External Strategic Communications, Social Media, Website development, Communications & Project Management tools.

Selected Projects: GoBoston2030.

Urban Agriculture Policy Consultant

August 2014 — June 2015
Cambridge Food and Fitness Policy Council, Cambridge

Worked with the Cambridge Urban Agriculture Task Force (a subgroup of the Cambridge Food & Fitness Policy Council) to develop policy options for an urban agriculture ordinance. Coordinated research partnership with the Conservation Law Foundation, assisted in meeting facilitation, performed policy and implementation research, and managed document development.

Communications Associate

November 2014 — March 2015
Interaction Institute for Social Change, Boston

Design, create and release content for client projects and senior associate on-site engagements.


Alternative Futures - A collaborative space (including a writing collective and workshops) to stretch and harness imagination and provide a platform for collaborative and radical future-thinking.
Emergent Strategy Book Club - 7-week book club to read Emergent Strategy in preparation for Adrienne Maree Brown's visit to Boston in November 2017.
Story Loft - Unwind, unplug, and hear your neighbors’ life stories. East Boston (for now).
Big Talk - One big question. No small talk. Conversation with depth. Bi-weekly.

Skills & Proficiency

Adobe Creative Suite

Web Design & Development

Social Media Technology