“A great coach tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.” — Sagi Kalev

Coaching is my primary pathway to support individuals through transformative change processes. I offer both life coaching and professional coaching services.

My life coaching practice will start with a free 15-minute consultation call for us to explore if we work together as coach and coach partner. I typically offer to coach partners liberatory coaching (training scheduled to complete in Jan 2022) or personal systems coaching (which I have been offering since 2016). We will discuss which pathway feels best for you on our consultation call. You can find pricing information here for individual coaching.

I offer professional coaching for organizations or groups within organizations through employers via retainer using my sliding scale consulting rates. If you are an individual and need professional coaching or you are an employer looking for something other than a retainer, please reach out and let’s see what’s possible.

In either case, sessions can be added ad-hoc or in sets of three. I typically book calls at least 6 weeks in advance.


Lawrence has had a transformative effect on my life in the past few years… Life-coaching is at times an inadequate term for what this process looks like… And the remarkable thing has been that when we have set intentions, goals, and done these visioning exercises… usually within a year of me articulating an intention, my life transforms in such a manner that those intentions are realized. — Huma G.

Lawrence is a special mix of enormous heart (e.g. deep listening, empathy), brilliant mind (e.g. insights, connections), and connected soul (e.g. groundedness, big picture). What else could you want in a coach??
Jaco Cohen

I appreciate Lawrence’s active listening and deep engagement with what I expressed as my goals, struggles, and challenges. While his practice had its own shape, it felt very much like Lawrence adapted his coaching practice to the goals that I wanted to achieve, the problems I identified, and the shifts I wanted to make (and learned that I wanted to make through coaching!)… — Miriam M.

Not sure if you need a coach or a therapist?