What do I appreciate about Lawrence as a coach?

Hands down, I appreciate Lawrence’s active listening and deep engagement with what I expressed as my goals, struggles, and challenges. While his practice had its own shape, it felt very much like Lawrence adapted his coaching practice to the goals that I wanted to achieve, the problems I identified, and the shifts I wanted to make (and learned that I wanted to make through coaching!). And the active listening I was so so key. Because there were things that I said through my coaching sessions that I did not realize were trends or reflective of larger blocks that needed to be shifted. Lawrence picked up on these things, and shared with me his reflections — always being careful to check whether his reflection resonated — and we processed these insights jointly. For that, I am deeply appreciative.

While Lawrence supported me with coaching, what about my life changed or shifted?

A big shift was my ability to identify the small blocks on my life that added up to the major blocks. For example, Lawrence and I processed my writing blocks. I thought of it as one huge challenge, when really it was a composite of many many tiny blocks, some of which I have been able to shift over the years, and others of which I am still working on. This framing—paying attention to the small things that make a big thing, and shifting small things, which can lead to a big impact—has been monumental in helping me move though situations that I previously found prohibitively challenging.

Miriam Mack