I believe in the power of love to create justice and the power of story to make new worlds possible. I imagine radical alternatives to our existing reality not as an escape but as a strategy. I dream of a world where liberation is experienced, not just imagined. My work in building that world is to support transformation at all scales.

Lawrence Barriner II
Photo by Maureen White.

At the scale of the individual, I support transformation through 1on1 coaching and personal storytelling. At the organizational scale, I facilitate organizational development as a means to support groups of people to move through or transform in relationship to barriers. At the network scale, I support ecosystem transformation by supporting people to think about what it means to move like a network and then act accordingly.

I have a Master of City Planning and Bachelor of Science in Planning, both from MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning. My research while at MIT primarily focused on food systems and food justice. Teaching (and doing) photography scratched my creative itches.

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