Productivity Coaching

Individual productivity coaching has helped people take a high-level view of their lives and start to make the changes they want to see. This happens by designing and running experiments to learn about yourself and then building systems that work for you based on that learning.

“It’s only the first session and I can already tell I’m going to be an evangelist.” - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
“These questions, even though they’re not super intense really make me think about my day and how I manage my time. Some stuff that I take for granted I really have to process and it’s really good.” – _______
“What you taught me about projects versus tasks last week has totally changed the way I attend meetings! I think ‘Ohhhh the reason we’re not making any progress right now is because we’re only talking about big picture projects; We’re not getting down to the tasks and that would probably help us all actually move this whole thing forward.”

Personal Storytelling

Our life stories and how we tell them are up to us. Deeply understanding our stories helps us situate ourselves in the world and remain grounded while pushing for change. Knowing, defining, and telling our personal stories is core to being about to do meaningful work. It is also important to know when to re-imagine and redefine our stories. We do this best with help from others and in community.

I help people understand their stories and learn how to tell them strategically in order to be who they want to be in order to move the work they want to move in the world.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg

I'm happy to get on the phone to discuss all this and more. I love talking about this stuff and love answering questions about how this all works. Reach out however feels comfortable (info below).




Boston, MA
United States of America