alternative futures: the bar - part 1 (DRAFT)

note: this is another draft for a piece i’ll submit to the alternative futures project i’ve launched with my friend grant. i think i’m going to string this piece together with two others (the clock and the culture core) to make a single story that is three different places at the same time. we’ll see if it works…


eduardo looked to this left and noticed guillermo’s back starting to straighten up. he was sitting taller than he had in a long time.

“gui! are you feeling it already?”

guillermo laughed. “are you kidding? of course i’m feeling it! always feels so good when it’s your turn! bartender, another round for the two of us!”

“El Amante” by Nicky Jam had just started blaring over the speakers and people were flooding the tiny dance floor at the back of the bar.

“boss, are you sure you’ve got the cash for that?”

“hell, i may not have it right now, but these next four years are going to be great! i’ll risk it… pour up!”

the bartender shook her head. “whatever you say, gui. two aguardiente coming right up,” replied the bartender.

guillermo stood and held up his [glass?]. “to finally having our turn again as the Culture!”

the two friends made eye contact, clinked glasses, and drank to the new president.

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