inspiration for coaching system upgrade

a couple of weeks ago, i had lunch with my friend kelsey and one of the things we talked about was her training for a 100 mile race. she found an online/virtual coaching service and it’s been pretty great for her. she told me a lot about how it works (though i can’t remember exactly what it’s called) and i think i got some really amazing lessons about how to scale my own practice. some of the major takeaways that i’ll probably try to implement in the next year:

i learned a few other things, too, but those three things seem directly applicable and easily implementable. i can imagine how some of the processes would create lots of benefit for both parties. the coaches could support several people simultaneously without disrupting their existing flow. the clients get a record of their own progress and (sort of like in mindstorms) could use that record as a tool to structure their own growth in the future.

there’s more benefit to be discovered, but i think i’ll leave this here for now. big shout out and thanks to kelsey for inspiring me to evolve my coaching practice! i also really need to get on that next medium piece about my shadow calendar… >_>

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