alternative futures: what to do with a ubi (part 2)

note: this part of this world was inspired by two things:

  1. a conversation with robin chase about maximum incomes, and
  2. this brilliant question by kohli baker, relayed to me by robin: “what is the central conflict driving …”

continued from (part 1)

“ok, folks. it seems like i can’t find that document so…”

“it’s funny that we have all this storage nowadays, but still can’t find anything. what a joke,” tanner blurted out.

“thanks for the help, oh wise one. does that mean you’re volunteering to run the documentation process? great! make sure you share the file with all of us so that it doesn’t get lost this time.”

“on it.” tanner walked up to the computer-projector we had installed in our common room when we moved in. he got retina scanned and after linking with the device, opened up a new spreadsheet and gave everyone a nod signaling that he was ready to record.

everyone started shouting out ideas of what to do with the pooled funds we had. a self-driving car, a holo-tv, a bigger cistern (we ran out of water last winter at one point), more efficient solar panels, and on and on.

eventually, we got to a good sized list and i was feeling pretty good about our ideas. of course, coming up with ideas is the fun, easy part. deciding between them is the tough part.

but right as tanner was winding down the brainstorm and getting ready to help us start narrowing the options down, a’naisa threw a wrench into the plan.

“what if we just tried to get one of us to be a maxer?”

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