alternative futures: what to do with a ubi (part 3)

continued from (part 2)

“what if we tried to get beacon hill maxed?”

i jumped in. “what does that even mean?”

“well… i read about some experiments finland is doing with maximum allowable incomes, mais. you remember all those surveys and interviews that cities did to calculate ubis in different places, right? well, all that information, if you extrapolate it, is useful in setting income maximums. a holo-blogger in helsinki put up a message about it a couple of months ago and her site got hacked, but reddit remembers everything!

we all know it doesn’t make sense for them to make as much money as they do, especially because they just use their extra money to make even more money. if we could get enough people around the city together, the city would have to agree to pilot it, right?”

“right…” i said hesistantly.

karuma inserted herself. “ok, but we all know that beacon hill doesn’t take anything lying down. why would they take this type of pilot peacefully? if anything, they’d probably end up having us hurt or killed “accidentally” by the police or something.”

“that’s a good point, k, but i actually think a’naisa might be onto something.”

my mind was racing… if we could get the wealthy to cap their incomes and keep the ubi going, we might be able to see some real equality in our lifetimes…

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