alternative futures: what to do with a ubi (part 6)

continued from (part 5)

tyne’s journal

in hindsight, it was a little silly. i had become a doctor because that’s what my dad was and his dad was. obviously, being the first woman in that line was a big deal, but it was still the “comfortable” choice. and if i’m truly honest with myself, that’s all i have ever known: comfort.

i chose a comfortable place to live: the south end. i picked a comfortable partner: my high school sweetheart. i had the comfortable number of children created for us: one.

but now i really had to try and figure out where (if at all) i was willing to be made uncomfortable. my opinion has always been right. so now that the tri-branch discussion is coming up and i’m on the advisory board for the executive branch, i have to prepare arguments and i’m just not sure what’s possible… do i want to admit at all that there’s weakness in the thinking of this branch in the past? i wasn’t here then, but now i’m implicated. decisions of the past… how was anyone supposed to know this would happen?

notes (not part of this piece): [this = poor folks pooling their ubi’s, individual rich folks keeping them separate, poor folks creating power and taking over 2/3 branches of govt]

[coming up soon begin the annual tri-branch discussion]

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