2019 annual reflection review: part 1, 2, 3, 4

i realized yesterday that i hadn’t written much about my annual reflection process. i wrote one post but it’s more notes for me than anything. it’s time to say some more, especially since that maureen and i are planning an annual retreat called 2020vision for next year (more info coming soon on that so email me if you’re interested).

i don’t know if i’ll end up writing five posts about it like i did last year, but right now i’m feeling the desire to break my thoughts up into process and content. i think for now i’ll just “bullet” things and maybe do more narrative weaving later.


—[end writing 15 march]—

—[begin writing 16 march]—


—[end writing mar 16]—

—[begin writing mar 17]—

what i actually did

so based on all the categories above and subtasks under each, here’s a rundown of what i actually did. “did” in this context includes things i completed as well as tasks i started and didn’t complete. i include time estimates because i think it’s helpful info. but note they are actually estimates.

—[end march 17 writing]—

—[begin march 21 writing]—

and some just some reflections on the process as a whole this year.

i like…

i wish…

therefore, next year…

phew! i guess i did end up writing ~4/5 posts about my retreat (just like last year, lol). this time i just kept adding to the same post instead of starting a new one each day.

anywho, given that this is the fourth, it means the next one i write will be the one that is parallel to my “be a conduit” (and other phrases/mantras for 2018) post. coming right up…

—[end march 21 writing]—

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