2018 annual reflection review: part 1

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so! it’s been a few weeks and i’m feeling the urge to write this year’s annual reflection process. in some ways, i’m sort of surprised it took me this long to write about it, but i’ve also been real busy, so i’m just gonna blame it on that.

anyways, this year, i reflected for four (really 4.5) days. it was absolutely luxurious (in a “this shouldn’t be a luxury because everyone should have the opportunity to reflect on their lives but oppression is a thing so some people don’t get that opportunity” so of way) and i am grateful to things that have aligned to make it possible for me to do it.

i reflected on jan 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th. i wanted to go away for the reflecting, but it really was so cold and i wasn’t feeling able to spend any extra money so i just stayed home. it worked out pretty well for the most part. i lost a little bit of focus near the end of each day (doing dishes, cooking, that sort of thing), but i stayed in a flow for most of the days.

on the 5th and 6th i invited people to come join me at a big house in cambridge to reflect together. i wanted to experiment with bringing people together for a group reflection retreat. the structure was to be very simple. everyone would have access to a beautiful house and three times a day, we’d have a 30 minute check-in (9-930, 1230-1, and 430-5). the check-in conversations were to answer two questions: what have you done so far? and what are you going to do next?

well, of course, i ended up getting sick. so i decided to just have the calls be virtual. thankfully, it seemed like that still worked for many folks. at one point, the largest call had 7 people (including me) on it! i was like… this is awesooooooome.

[pausing here. will pick this back up tomorrow.]

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