2018 annual reflection review: part 3

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at this point, three weeks out, days 3 and 4 of my 2018 annual reflection sort of blend together for me. i definitely should have kept better record or written closer to the dates, but, alas, here we are. either way, two things i want to share about days 3 and 4 of the retreat are (a) the structure and (b) what i actually did.

the structure

back in november, i published a piece on medium about how i was preparing to do my annual reflection and wanted to experiment with inviting people into it. my plan was to host people at 40 cottage, hold three meetings a day (9-930, 1230-1, and 430-5), and then just let people use the space to be quiet together. i hoped that the meetings would create a space for accountability and learning. people could share what they were planning on doing and have a consistent group of people to report back to on how it was going. and then, as people listened to watch each other were doing, i hoped people would learn from each other. maybe they’d even adopt each other’s practices or help each other out with tools and things to try.

in the end, there was a snowstorm and i got sick. so the hosting in person didn’t happen. but i still held some space online and people showed up there. at the high point, saturday morning, there were 7 people on the call (including 3 people in dc)!

i should probably ask for some feedback from folks at some point, but from what i could tell when i asked at the end, it seemed like people really appreciated having the space held. it helped them to focus on this work that they knew was important and that they wanted to do, but might not have done without a structure like this.

oops! out of time for writing today. guess i’ll share what i did on days 3 and 4 another time.

ps - turns out, i did keep my accomplishments separated by day on days 3 and 4. :sweat_smile: will share that next time!

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