happy "no new things" day 2022!

preface: if you’re curious in the evolution of this experiment/thought/practice, here are the last 3 posts about it: 2021, 2020, 2019.

happy belated equinox (22 sept). aka happy (fourth) no new things day!

it’s been a glorious and full spring and summer but fall is here. i always don’t like it upon arrival. and yet when i begin to settle into it, i’m like… the reason i don’t like fall is because it’s hard to slow dooooown. no new things day is a structure i commit to in order to prepare for winter, which i’ve found is even harder than fall except for when i prepare for it well. in those cases, it, too, can be glorious.

anyways, me writing about no new things day this year was prompted by a coaching session i had with birth center equity yesterday. shoutout to the powerful BCE team (nash, les, cass, tenesha, and marinah) and all their wisdom that inspires and gives reason for me to share what i know! during the session, nashira named several previous posts of mine about seasonal things and work etc and so i’m writing here to share some updates on my thinking through the lens of no new things day. some of this will be a rehash and some if it will be new. as always, it will be written without perfectionism, trusting that out in the world and imperfect is better than partially edited but stuck on my computer/in my head and not in the world.

okayyyyyyy i can feel myself having more thoughts here and it’s time to shift attention to another post before i start getting ready for the day.

one thing i notice in this moment is that i’m very excited to have more time to read and write again! like in 2020, i’ve started to ramp up my daily morning reading time (sept 21-oct20 i did 15 mins/day and today i jumped 30mins/day) and i’ve set out mornings in november for writing time so looking forward to seeing what that brings :D

omg ok i gotta stop. baiiiiiiiiii.

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