2019 mantra, important quotes, and commitments

this post might take two days to put together, but it’s going to be an important one. it’ll be a combination post of the two posts i visited most often last year: my 2018 mantra post and my 2018 list of commitments. it’s informed by my latest annual reflection retreat (sidenote: a great thing about making my thinking public is that whenever or wherever i want to look at something i know i’ve published here, i can just pull up a browser on anyone’s phone or computer and go find them on my blog).

so here goes:

mantra for 2019

we are what we repeatedly do.will durant, summarizing aristotle

it is becoming clearer and clearer to me that the most important learning edge i have is to learn how to do less. i have gotten to place i have in my life by my capacity to do a lot. it has been great. and it is no longer a way of being that serving me, my work, or my life well. and so! i will commit to learning how to do less, all while knowing that i have the capacity to do so much more.

other quotes for 2019

2019 commitments

many of these are borrowing from 2018 but with some shifts. some of them are new.

2019 commitments

hm! i should probably sort this list at some point… someday! #doneisbetterthanperfect

2019 gif

sadly, i can’t find a way to embed the full length gif, but the full version is over here on GIPHY. and still, even this abbreviated one is magic.

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